A Little Rant About "Made in America"

Posted: Dec 05 2014

Tuesday was a really chilly morning here in Chicago. I was cozying up in my breakfast nook, wearing my new Maddy James Cynthia breakfast coat while sipping coffee (with my newly recovered coffee mug) and flipping through social media. I came across what I thought was a fluff piece by Lindsay Ferrier on the Huffington Post about what happens when you buy clothing online from Singapore1. (Read the article here)

She figured YOLO, so why not pop for some cheap gorgeous clothes from overseas. Poor Lindsay ended up with clothes that didn’t fit at all, weren’t well made, had holes and loose strings. In the end, she gave the whole stack to her 10-year old daughter.

This article sparked an entire Facebook thread about the merits of Made in America clothing, with the tomatoes at Maddy James leading the charge for home-grown business.

At Maddy James, we tomatoes are so proud to say all of our garments are not only sewn in the United States but in our hometown of Chicago and what’s left of its once booming garment industry. The clothes are both designed and produced here. We know this means our pajamas, nightgowns and, yes, velvet lounge pants, cost more than stuff made overseas, and, as life-long bargain hunters, we are certainly not opposed to anyone saving a buck. However, the quality of our product, the ability to oversee its creation, and supporting jobs in America mean more to us than any savings ever could. And we think it should to every American.

In the last 14 years, the United States lost 3.8 MILLION manufacturing jobs, and the garment industry was heavily affected2. This made me set down my coffee cup in shock. In addition, garment factories in China and other parts of Asia do not have much in the way of environmental protection or child labor laws3,4 – meaning cheaper clothing really comes at a greater cost.

So at Maddy James, we say to you Lindsey Ferrier, YOLO – next time why don’t you buy some quality Made in America clothing!


*Patriotic Rant is now over*



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