Meet Kim!

Posted: Oct 31 2014

“Walking together in the dark is better than walking alone in the the light”

Helen Keller

I would like you to meet my pal Kim.  We met years ago while working together at a major department store.  She was my boss, and one of the best ones I ever had! I learned so much about leadership, teamwork and respect from this lovely lady.

Kim has 27 years of retail experience under her belt so, when I started this venture I couldn’t think of anyone more suited to act as our operations manager, and boy was I right!

She is a lover of all things, music, fashion and especially make-up. Playing in her make-up is one of the things I love best!

When I asked her what she loves about vintage this is what she said:

I'm definitely inspired by anything Vintage, from clothing to furniture. I love being able to mix a little Vintage into a very Modern world.
Incorporating Vintage into every day living gives me the opportunity to be creative and express my individual style.
Vintage pieces have so much detail. Everything was thought out to make the product look refined and finished. I'm definitely an attention to detail type of girl and I can appreciate the style and sophistication of an era gone by.

So, welcome aboard Kim – we are so happy you are here!

Kim is also in charge of all of our Charity donations. If you are looking for silent auction donations, or gift bag donations you can email her at


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