Weekend Wrap Up

Posted: Mar 21 2014

Since we are all still at the getting to know you stage of this blog, I thought I’d do some various “weekend wrap ups” so you can see how Mr. Jones and I spend our off time.

Friday Mr. Jones and I played a bit of hooky, with lunch at my favorite food court at the Water Tower Mall, matinee of “The Grand Budapest Hotel” (which was pretty fabulous by the way). I got to pop into Crate and Barrel (looking for a portable picnic table), but then had to reciprocate by going to the Apple Store. (They only have 12 products, which Mr. Jones owns all of, yet we can pass this store with out popping in. I’ll never understand that) Ended the night with a little math celebration by eating 3.14 of this pizza pie.


 This Saturday was the St. Patrick’s Day celebration, which can be quite the party in Chicago. We have had a pretty rough winter here in the Midwest, so I think everyone was really ready to get out into that 40-degree weather and tie one on. Chicago is pretty famous for dying it’s river green, which is pretty cool thing to see.

We attended a Kickstarter Seminar, where we learned a lot, and took some selfies. Then met some friends to drink Irish Whisky and pinch people who weren’t wearing green.


 Sunday was a day of recovery, staring with a little Five Guys (a wonderful hangover cure). Watched a high speed chase out side my window (then they shut the whole road down. And ended the day trying to figure out what I wanted to make with Lucky Lucille’s sew along. (Miss Lucille, should you happen to read this I would love to link to your page sew along, but I’m a newbie to this blog thing, so I have no idea how to do that. Sorry.)


Love that fabric. It’s left over from a run of Betsy’s Johnson fabric that I bought at a fabric trunk show. Now if I can just decide what to make with it.


Now let’s all get out there have a great rest of the week!



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